Logo LectO
Logo LectO

A text editor, like Word, specially designed for people with dyslexia.

Using LectO you will be able to read and write text, which has different features that will make it friendlier for people with dyslexia.

Unique font

"Open Dyslexic" font, created by specialists, and made for people with dyslexia.


Images for words

Differentiate confusing words across images by simply hovering over them.

¡Try hovering over this word!

Colored letters

Give each letter a different color to avoid confusing similar ones.


Text to speech

The computer will read the text for you, with custom speed and other features.

Microsoft Word compatibility

Open Microsoft Word documents directly from our app.

Physical text reading

Read the text from an image and apply all the previously mentioned features.

We receive the support of the NGO Disfam

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