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We are 4 friends, all of us 16 years old, which attend the ORT school. We started creating this project with a very defined objective, but not very detailed at the same time: we wanted to develop an application that could affect society in a positive way. After thinking and evaluating multiple ideas, we finally decided to work with dyslexia, leading to what LectO is nowadays.

We are very passionate about science and technology, and we believe that applying them on daily life could make the world a better place. LectO was created under these ideas: trying to create a more inclusive society, where having a disability or a difficulty won't be a disadvantage, and using technology as a mean to reach there.

We firmly believe that being young should not interfere with taking a role in the multiple technological advancements that are happening right now, getting involved in entrepreneurship and changing society. Right now, 40% of the school dropouts are happening because of dyslexia, and that's something we can't turn a blind eye on. Looking at this problem, we decided to work and create a solution, LectO.

The Disfam organization, which has presence in all Ibero-América, has taken interest in our project, and right now they provide us their support and help.